23rd February 2012

The 1st revision of the year

Various updates were made during the past couple of years.

The plan this year is to complete the uploads of an item for someone in each County, in addition to updates of Family Trees as new information is found.

If major errors are notified to us, we will try to correct them as a matter of urgency.

The following pages are offered as our research, and a starting point for other family members - Feel free to use the information contained herein as such, but mistakes do occur (and some little details may be inaccurate in order to identify breach of copyright.)

Happy Hunting

Jim & Gina

West Country Family Links - Jim's maternal ancestors appear in Owermoigne in mid 18th Century. They gradually move out over Dorset to Osmington, Winfrith, Poole, Bere Regis and Bryantspuddle. In the 20th Century the family start moving around the country, Somerset, Wiltshire, Lancashire and Buckinghamshire.

His mother moved to Somerset, where she met and married his father.

His paternal ancestors are first noted in Horsington, Somerset (Parsons Family) and Wanstrow, Somerset (Prince Family)

Gina's family originate? In Devon, Somerset and Gloucester, with branches in Wiltshire and South Wales..

So far as we can tell, with the exception of ourselves and our sons, we have removed all living persons from our trees.

This is part of our Family History. If you find evidence to the contrary, please prove for correction.

Trust you will enjoy.

Jim & Gina

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Last updated 23 February 2012

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Http:// Much information about Dorset - Roger Shirley's site covering much of the West Country

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